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Analysis of Automation Potential

A leading Network Operator in Germany requested an analysis of automation potentials in operations
Management Consulting, Automation Strategy
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For a leading telecommunications operator in Germany an automation strategy was elaborated. The aim of the project was to find automation potentials in the area of Network Operations. With the help of semi-structured, systemic interviews, observations and explorative data analysis, potentials were discovered and subsequently subjected to an economic evaluation. Focus heat-maps showed how much potential could be generated per department / area. Possible solution scenarios were generated.

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"We are very happy with the fulfilment of the given tasks and the concrete outcome of the project. CGI convinced us with an agile but  structured approach to our challenge. In the interviews the CGI colleagues demonstrated their know-how regarding our work environment and were able to create a constructive atmosphere. The analysis of the results and the outlined solutions were transparent and CGI proofed their competence in intelligent automation."

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