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Central Order Reception for Payments

Global banking and financial services company, headquartered in Frankfurt/Germany
Banking, Financial Services
Business Analysis, Requirements Engineering, IT-Consulting
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Jochen Wurstbauer, Consulting & Projektmanagement
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Harald Winkelmann, Director and Project Manager
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The "Central Order Reception" processes all incoming and outgoing payment orders from the perspective of customer and clearing. The project is part of the successive restructuring of payment services on a new target architecture, and is carried out in several phases.

I joined the project as a Business Analyst and IT-Consultant in the Requirements work stream for detailed specification of the functional target architecture and the design of basic functionalities from the ground up. Created use cases for the processing of standing orders, ISO, SWIFT and instant payments and developed a functional data model. Analyzed relevant interfaces and peripheral systems to define and negotiate interface and service descriptions for connecting customer input channels and processing backend systems.

Top Competences (maximum 6 mentions, out of 15 competences)
Schedules & Time Management
Communication & Reporting
Requirements Management
Professional Qualification
Expertise in Methods
Customer Testimonial
I have known Jochen for over 3 years and have found him to be honest, reliable, hard working, conscientious and courteous.  He brought in well-founded business and technical knowledge and is a proven expert in the area of payments and customer-bank interfaces. His work performance was consistently strong and he took the initiative to identify problems and devise solutions.
Project scope

The "Central Order Reception" receives all payment messages from customers, banks, clearing systems and in-house applications and makes them available to other systems within and outside the payments landscape. During the processing technical as well as business checks and conversions are performed to ultimately distribute the messages to specific processing lines. After processing in the order reception or the connected backend systems payment status reports are returned to the original submitter.

In addition, an integrated but independently runnable component is provided as a separate module for payments master data. It is used to store customer agreements and reference data for processing messages in the central order reception itself as well as other payments applications in the future.

The central order reception has a modular design; the processing of messages is highly configurable. As an integration layer for acceptance and delivery of payments and protocols it is placed outside the actual payments processing.

The project is part of the successive restructuring of payment services on a new target architecture, and is carried out in several phases.

Solution Approach

Release related requirements definition, iterative and incremental approach in the implementation of the solution. Gradual rollout with multiple releases to replace the affected legacy systems and successive connection of various payment processing lines.

Results and Responsibilities

- Requirements analysis as part of the detailed specification phase, conducting workshops
- Definition of a functional target architecture, determination of basic functionalities and principles
- Definition of use cases for processing standing orders, ISO XML as SWIFT messages as well as instant payments
- Creation of a functional data model
- Analysis of more than 20 relevant interfaces and peripheral systems, definition of interface and service descriptions for connecting the customer input channels and processing backend systems
- Review of test cases

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